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We are beginner spray paint artists trying to make people happy with our visions of space. 



My son and I are trying new things together and we want to share them with everyone. We have just started and want to continue bringing happiness to people. We are selling our artwork for the first time and we are very excited as well as nervous. 

The Stars

Canvas Sizes & Cost

We started with planets and space spray art varying from 5" x 7" to 12" x 24" canvases currently. These are one of a kind paintings, only one of them will be made. New art will be uploaded when completed. Please visit the store for more information.  

5" x 7"    8" x 8"  

8" x 10"   9" x 12"

$7                    $10  

$15                    $20

11" x 14"    12" x 16"   12" x 24"

  $25                        $30                       $35


Art for Sale